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Learn More About The Alexa Echo Spot

For news and information you can see and hear, just ask Alexa for your video flash briefing from CNN, Bloomberg, and more. Curious about the latest movie trailers or need a how-to video? Just ask. Echo Spot helps keep you organized at home. Start a timer in the kitchen and watch as it counts down, or easily see and manage your family’s calendar. The Echo Spot is available at Amazon and has recieved some excellent reviews. Sign in to the Alexa App to take your to-do and shopping lists with you. Just add an item to the list from home, and whoever is out shopping will see it added instantly on their Alexa App.

More about The Amazon Alexa Spot

The Amazon Echo Plus is your personal assistant that can make life a whole lot easier. The best place to get the Echo Spot is at Amazon and now is compatible with a host of smart devices. Amazon Echo Plus will have you saying, “Alexa turn off living room lights” and “Alexa change the temperature to 75 degrees” in no time.

Our Review of The Amazon Alexa Echo Spot

We give the Amazon Echo Spot two thumbs up for its ease of use and the many devices that it’s compatible with. You are sure to love the Echo just as much as we have.

Amazon Alexa Spot Tips and Tricks

Let’s get to know your new best friend Alexa. The first thing you going what to do is learn how to communicate with Alexa. Here is a list of commands for you new Alexa Spot.

    Need some help from Alexa? Try. “Alexa, I need help”
    Want to Adjust the Volume? Just Say, “Alexa Volume 10”. You tell Alexa what volume number you would like by saying a number 1 – 10.
    You also tell Alexa where you want to play music from. Try saying, “Alexa, play pop from Amazon Music.”or “Alexa, play Hip-Hop from Spotify.” In the Alexa App you can set your default music player. If you say, “Alexa play Smooth Jazz”, then the Echo will play music from your default player.
    If you don’t like the song that Alexa is playing try saying. “Alexa, play the next song.” If you really like the song just tell Alexa, “Alexa I like that song” Alexa will then save the ratings. The more you tell Alexa what songs the you like and dislike the better she willl become at serving you up those perfect tunes
    You can also say, “Alexa Pause the music” or simply “Alexa, Pause”


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